Our Oktoberfest was a tremendous blessing! We started out with King of Kings' praise team, "Royal Praise." Their love for the Lord, talent, joy for what they do is awesome. Then, Pr. Dallman of All Saints joined Sean H., Andrew S., and Jennifer W. (Organist at Redeemer) for a trumpet, drum, and piano group that played some favorites - great stuff, indeed. Rebecca C. of Pilgrim played several solo pieces, a great talent. Don Sundene and Chp. Werzner talked about our min...istry. Then, Concordia Lutheran School in Seattle sent their chimes group to play some excellent songs. (A special thank you to the children and parents who sacrificed to come, not to mention their joyful director who came in Oktoberfest attire ...). Finally, Jennifer W. of Redeemer played a powerful solo of "A Mighty Fortress" followed by a chance for all who gathered to sing that powerful hymn of our faith.

Then, of course came the fellowship - Oktoberfest music from none other than Mach One Jazz Orchestra; bratwurst (excellent fare from Fischer Meats of Issaquah, WA) and German potato salad (many an authentic family recipe - thanks to all who helped); desserts (many home made, thank you!); and some festive - albeit nonalcoholic - beverages (Carolyn's labor of love).

Multiple people worked behind the scenes - setting up tables and decorations, serving food, filming the event (more on that to come), and running the sound (no small endeavor).

We can't say, "Thank you" enough. Pictures and video clips will come.

Blessings to all!