About Chaplain Carl Eggers

Click here to read the bio about Chp. Carl Eggers, LMSN Chaplain from 1975-1998.  The attached bio was written by Mr. Gary Beard of Pilgrim Lutheran Church and emphasized Chp. Eggers' role in the mission and ministry of Pilgrim Lutheran Church of Bellevue, WA and his work with Lutheran Ministry Services Northwest.

Chp. Eggers was part of history - U.S. Army Chaplain in WWII and just after when he was called upon to minister to Nazi war criminals as they awaited trial in Nuremberg, Germany.  

As a chaplain for LMSN, Chp. Eggers served as the Protestant Chaplain for Providence Hospital in Seattle, visited patients at seven other local hospitals, conducted visitations and services at care centers, and served as a chaplain for the King County jail.  

The attached bio is referenced in our most recent newsletter (Sept., 2017).  Open it up to read more about Chp. Eggers and how his rich experiences influenced his outlook on ministry (Sept. newsletter, pg. 4).  

We express our appreciation to Mr. Gary Beard of Pilgrim Lutheran Church for his work in composing this bio and for allowing us to use it.  Thank you!