January 16th Wellness Event

We express our appreciation to Mr. Bob Kaftan of the Alzheimer's Association Washington State Chapter for his presentation on Alzheimer's Dementia! He touched on defining dementia, diagnosing dementia, dementia treatment and care, dementia risk and prevention, and provided valuable insight.

It gave those who are caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's and similar forms of dementia insight into the disease as well as resources for support.

We were blessed to have several fa...ith community nurses in attendance, and we are excited about being able to support those who have a heart for wellness ministries.

Our breakfast was a team effort led by the gifts of Dcn. Eric Van Devender, our cooker, as well as Dcs. Ruth Ann Shimoi and Don Sundene. (It was delicious!)

LMSN is looking forward to sponsoring more wellness events at Pilgrim Lutheran Church, The Hearthstone in Seattle, and a church near you (perhaps even your church - contact us ....). Watch FB and our website for upcoming dates. We are close to finalizing two more dates in the near future.

Blessings on your Epiphany celebration!